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Our Features

Experience the power of automation with Khloé, saving valuable time and enabling you to serve more customers efficiently. Say goodbye to cumbersome inventories and hello to cost and space-saving solutions. With our customizable offerings, attract customers seeking unique experiences that set your salon apart. Plus, capitalize on your customer base even if they venture to other salons.

Salon integration

Khloé seamlessly integrates with various software services, including accounting, booking, loyalty programs, CRM, and our mobile app. Streamline salon management with efficient solutions that enhance customer experience and optimize business operations.

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Khloé's automation streamlines salon operations, saving time to accommodate more customers. From manicuring to overall processes, our technology allows salons to deliver exceptional service without compromising quality, ensuring a seamless experience for both staff and clients.

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Lacquer on-demand

Bring creativity to life with Khloé's color-mixing service. Blend any nail polish color imagined by the customer, offering limitless possibilities for personalized nail looks. Empower clients to express their unique style with bespoke shades crafted just for them.

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Custom-fit acrylic nails

Experience seamless nail enhancements with Khloé's custom-fit acrylic nails. Crafted with finished designs and textures, they're ready to attach on-site, eliminating the need for filings or trimming. Effortlessly achieve flawless, personalized nail looks in no time.

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Nail arts

Revolutionize nail art with Khloé's innovative printing technology. Print intricate designs onto 3M film, easily attached to customers' nails. Elevate creativity and convenience, offering endless possibilities for personalized, stunning nail art experiences.

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Private labeling

Customize nail polish bottles with customers' names and brands, fostering a sense of ownership and uniqueness. Empower clients to showcase their style, creating memorable experiences and strengthening brand loyalty in the beauty and fashion industry.

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