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Our pricing plans

  • Khloé 3D Printer

    Hver måned
    +1.500 US$ Shipping, handling and installation
    Early bird price for the first 100 salons only!
    • Mix/Produce lacquer (4M colors)
    • Mold acrylic/gel nails
    • Print graphics
    • API integration with your Software services
    • Remote service
  • Great Starting Point

    Khloé Base Color

    Lacquer on-demand - become a mini factory! (Works only with the Khloé 3D printer)
    • 7 base colors to mix 4 million colors
    • No acetone, no UV light
    • Water and plant based
    • Coconut oil and vitamin B12
    • Collagen
    • Environmental, Social, and Corporate Responsibility
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