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Custom Nail Tech Transformation

3D Nail Printer for Salons
Virtual Try-On Nails App for End-Users

A beauty technology venture, led by veteran entrepreneurs, that integrates both digital and physical innovations to benefit their industry constituents, turning transactional customers and clients into stakeholders.

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How it Works

We Provide All-in-One Solution for Salons & Customers

A one-stop shop with a mobile app for customers to customize and virtually try-on nail designs, book appointments, and proprietary 3D printer for salons to mold acrylic/gel nails, mix lacquer, and print any designs - applied by machine onto customer's real nails, and serviced by skilled technicians.




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Reduce Expenses


Increase Revenue

  1. Reduce inventory

  2. Save customers and technicians time

  3. Get new customers who wants to customize

  4. Expand geographic reach and increase income

BEST Nail Technology Ever Invented!

Your Nail Technicians'

Robotic Assistants to Serve More Customers -

Better, Consistently, and More Efficiently

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Virtual Try-On

Download our app on Apple Store

  1. Customize your design, or download from nail artists and apply to your nails virtually

  2. Book an appointment with our salon partner

  3. Transform your designs into reality within 15 minutes

Mix Nail Lacquer

Your salon becomes an on-demand manufacturer!

Mix 4 million colors, 0.1mL per production

Non-toxic, zero waste, water and plant based

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Acrylic/Gel Nails

Our 3D printer will mold nails in shapes and sizes exactly how the customers designed them with our mobile app

Acrylic nails

Gel nails






From Molding Acrylic/Gel Nails to Mixing Lacquer & Printing Designs

For Salons

  • Automation to save time so the salon can service more customers

  • No more inventories, save money and space

  • Attract customers from other salons that cannot procure full customization

  • Ability to monetize from customer base even if they go to another salon

For Consumers

  • Automation to save time on manicuring process

  • Full customization (ability to create any color and images)

  • Private labeling for personal brand merchandises

  • Ability to monetize their own designs

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Distribution Network

We have access to 10,000 nail salons in the US, and a few thousand in the EU!

"Thank you for visiting our nail salon and introducing us to the Khloe Robot. We are very impressed and look forward to you guys completing the Khloe Robot soon. That could help us save money and time, and join hands to protect the environment! When the Khloe Robot is completed, we want to rent at least 3-4 machines for our 8 nail salons. Wishing you success and see you soon!"


Hang Nguyen & Nam Dinh
Owners of Nails Gallery (8 salons)

Kolding, Denmark

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